How Does Drunk Driving Risk your Lifespan?

December 4, 2017


How does Driving Drunk Affect your Lifespan?

The negative stigma associated with drunk driving is deeply engrained into the fabric of social norms. Thousands of deaths are caused behind the wheel each year, and could be avoided if drivers didn’t decide to operate the vehicle in an inebriated state. Unfortunately, the rate of drinking and driving tends to increase as the holiday season approaches, so we thought we’d share some useful info with you.


With the help of risk experts around the globe like David Spieglhalter from the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication at Cambridge University and Andrew Maynard from School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University, we had the chance to look at the numbers concerning drinking and driving.  What we discovered is that those who drive drunk, tend to be repeat offenders. Also there’s a 661 in a million chance of death per year for people who drive drunk once a month.  We don’t want to bog you down with sad news, so that's all the bad stuff on the topic.


The good news is that there’s a higher chance that repeat offenders will be caught.  Each time they get behind the wheel is an opportunity for someone to stop them and an opportunity to try to get them help.  The fact that our police enforcement services are more present on roads during the holiday is a positive way to decrease the risk factor created by drunk drivers.


For more information on how activities like drunk driving may affect your lifespan, download the free Risk Navigator risk assessment app.


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