The Truth About Risk with Will Gadd

February 7, 2018


Risk Factor x MEC x Will Gadd Event at MEC Calgary

Outdoor adventurer, Will Gadd, came to talk about how he assesses risk in the outdoors and explain how he uses the Risk Navigator app, at MEC Calgary yesterday. He also spoke about the amazing Risk Navigator contest that he’s supporting, which gives the winner and a friend a 1 day outdoor adventure in the Rockies with him. He also lent us his time for a Q&A session and screening at Globe Theatre in Calgary to give everyone the opportunity to pick his brain and learn his risk secrets.

When you go on an outdoor adventure like a day of skiing, a hiking trip or a mountain biking excursion, for example, do you ever stop to think how risky it is?  Luckily Will knows a whole lot about managing risk. He's a super talented outdoor athlete and with about 30 years of experience in the mountains, Will has been in more than a few sketchy situations, and has lived to tell about it.

Click the image below to watch the Will Gadd's Risk Navigator demonstration.

Will’s list of accolades is impressive to say the least. He’s the first person to ice-climb Niagara Falls. He’s set the world distance record for paragliding twice. He’s a four-time winner at the Canadian National Sport-Climbing Championships. He’s won three gold medals at the X Games and the Ice Climbing World Cup. And to add to the list, he’s also won the US and Canadian Paragliding Nationals. Wow. There’s even more on the list that we haven’t mentioned.

Will is a perfect example of a person who lives by the Risk Factor Initiative’s slogan, “live safe, but live”. There are boundless opportunities to stay active, and whether you’re into hiking, ice climbing, paragliding, mountain biking or other activities that nature has to offer, there will always be some sort of risk associated with it.  We hope that you’re enjoying the outdoors in the safest way possible.

Contest Opportunity

Pop quiz! Answer these questions by hitting the Facebook or Twitter share button below, and then download the FREE Risk Navigator app for a chance to win a $100 MEC gift certificate and to be entered into our contest for the grand prize.

1) Which of these activities, on average, carries a greater risk of sudden death...

a) a day of rock climbing

b) a day of ice climbing

2) Which of these activities, on average, carries a greater risk of sudden death...

a) a day of snowboarding

b) a day of downhill skiing