Dealing with Risk is dealing with Consequences

November 1, 2017


At first, it may sound paranoid to say that risk is all around us.  But think about it,  any given activity could have a risk associated with it, big or small. For that reason, our initiative aims to help people make better decisions about risk. We even developed a risk assessment tool called Risk Navigator to help people figure out if they’re making rewarding decisions in their life.


When we experience a risky situations, we may need to deal with the severe consequences of these actions. How’s that done?  There’s never a simple answer, but there is a story that we want to share with you from a series called Shameless Idealists which addresses how to deal with the consequences of risk.


Our story explores a tragic accident that involved Risk Hansen.  On the day of the accident he explains that, “it was one of those beautiful summer mornings, we decided to hitch-hike. We put our thumbs out and got a ride in the back of that truck.”  His friend wanted to switch sides with him in the back of the truck because he didn’t like that side of it. Little did they know what was about to happen next.


The truck went around the corner, lost control and rolled over. Hansen was on the low side of the rolling. “I was thrown against big steel tool box,” says Hansen. After he regained consciousness he tried to move but couldn’t, “my legs weren’t working where I touched them was numb.”


The doctor informed Rick that he had broken his back and damaged his spinal cord and that he would never walk again. This was the most terrifying moment of Rick Hansen’s life. However, today he is one of the most inspiring and motivating figures in the world. Find more about Rick here.


Was this a foreseeable risk that Rick could have been prepared for? Could the driver have been less careless while driving? Could everyone have worn their seat belt instead of riding in the back? Dealing with risk is dealing with consequences. Anything can go wrong at anytime. Of course, we can’t live our lives in fear of something going wrong 24/7.  This is why we suggest that everyone look at each situation objectively, considering the facts.


Some decisions, like Rick’s decision to ride in the back of a truck had severe consequences that he’s learned to deal with. Try the free Risk Navigator app that we developed to learn about the risks and rewards of activities that you experience in your life.