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December 4, 2017


Risk Factor Initiative Booklet

We all face risks every day. But it’s often hard to tell when a risk is truly dangerous and when it’s trivial.


It’s reasonable to feel that some habits (like exercise) might help us live longer while others (like smoking) may cut our lives short. Everybody knows that skydiving is riskier than a walk in the park. But is skydiving riskier than texting while driving? Or taking heroin?


We started the Risk Factor Initiative to help answers some of these questions and help people become more risk literate, make better risk assessment choices and understand how 100’s of common activities affect their lifespan. Two main concepts that we’d like you to know about which will help you assess risk better are ‘microlives’[link] and ‘micromorts’[link]



The concept of the microlife, invented by renowned Cambridge University professor David Spiegelhalter, provides a way to bring the results of our habits into the present. So what is a microlife? It turns out that on average, once we reach adulthood, we have about 60 more years to live – roughly a million half hours. A microlife is one of those half-hours.



The concept of the micromort, invented by renowned decision analyst Ronald A. Howard, allows us compare any potentially lethal risk. So what is a micromort? It is a one in a million chance of sudden death. And everything we do comes with a micromort attached.


We’ve already shared A LOT of material relating to how risk assessment affects lifespan on our BLOG, and social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We also wanted to share this great Risk Initiative booklet that we put together to highlight the main points of the Risk Factor initiative that we’ve shared during the past year.  Please feel free to download and share it with everyone.

Risk Factor Booklet

You can download our FREE Risk Navigator app below as well to get real information about the real risk of everyday and not so everyday activities.  #LiveSafeButLive

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