Risk Navigator Origin

November 7, 2017


Risk Navigator App - How'd we come up with the Idea?

During pre-production research for our Risk Factor documentary, we happened upon an amazing book called The Norm Chronicles by renowned British statistician Sir David Spiegelhalter. The book is about the risky life of a mythical guy named Norm. The author uses Norm to illustrate the everyday risks we all face, and provide effective ways to quantify those risks accurately.

The author stresses that his purpose is not to make us fear risk, but simply to help us understand it. He demonstrates how to quantify the risks of potentially deadly activities, from riding a motorcycle to bungee jumping to working in a coal mine. And he also shows us how to quantify the long term risks and/or benefits of our lifestyle choices, from smoking to drinking to exercising to eating bacon sandwiches.

The Norm Chronicles proves that to accurately assess everyday risks you just need some publicly available data and a few simple algorithms.

As soon as we read that, we thought... we could make an app for that – an app that lets users select the activities they do (or would like to do) and immediately computes the risk and/or rewards. We thought... this is definitely worth doing! And... this will be easy!

Now, a year later, we're thinking... it wasn't actually all that easy. But after much thought, design, coding, data acquisition, rethinking, re-coding and beta testing, Risk Navigator is in the iTunes and Google Play Stores for the whole world to enjoy.

Plus... it's free! To try Risk Navigator you need only risk the time it takes to download.

And now that it's released into the wild we're even more certain it was worth doing. We invite you to check it out and let us know if you agree.