RISK FACTOR: National Launch & Special Preview Screening

June 15, 2017





We're proud to present the special preview screening of our brand new documentary, Risk Factor. The film features local adventurer athlete Will Gadd, and Parks Canada Specialist Grant Statham, who will be joining us for a post-screening discussion and Q&A, alongside director/producer Robert Lang [Kensington Communications] .


Filmmaker Robert Lang is confused about the risks he faces – from his personal health risks to the big societal risks that might or might not threaten us all. So he goes on a journey to gain insight from the world’s top risk experts. He meets a brainy statistician at Cambridge University and an extreme ice climber on an avalanche prone mountain, a physicist in a nuclear reactor and a security guru at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The twists and turns of the journey lead Robert to replay and reconsider his most risk laden life experiences – from a drunken joyride, to a murder on his doorstep, to a brush with nuclear radiation, to the pages of his family history that speak to current fears about the risk of terrorism. In the end, Robert meets a social scientist whose data proves that society will never agree on the biggest risks we face – that our risk perceptions will always be chained to our tribe. If true… we’re all screwed. But Robert doesn’t accept that. He finds a reason to hope, and the resolve to be more resilient amid uncertainty.
The screening is also our National Launch of the 'LIVE SAFE. BUT LIVE.' campaign :-) It encompasses a documentary, a mobile app, special events and a social media campaign designed to improve public understanding of risk.

If you haven't already, you can WATCH THE TRAILER HERE.