Trusting Your Instincts

August 18, 2017


Trust Your Instincts

You must have heard the term “trust your instincts” a million times by now. In any given situation, there may be obvious signs of risk or danger, but not always.  Sometimes, we’re left guessing the level of risk and we need to simply trust our instincts (and you could always try the Risk Navigator app ;-). If your instincts are telling you that something isn’t safe, there’s a good chance that it isn’t.


This sounds like a very good reason to trust our instincts.  Over time our subconscious minds have been compiling and storing information, although our conscious selves may not be aware of it. When presented with a situation wrought with risk, we may “think” that we don’t know know what to do. However our immediate reaction is often based from a “gut feeling”, thanks to this hidden cache of info that our subconscious has saved from our experiences.


Take a moment and reflect. How many times have you felt yourself saying “that’s probably not a good idea” or “just leave” or “don’t do it”? Now think about how many times you’ve listened to that voice? When you didn’t listen, did anything happen which made you wish that you had listened to yourself? Yes? No? Still need to figure it out?


While you practice using your instincts, we’d suggest you try the Risk Navigator, personal risk assistant to help you find your Risk/Reward balance. Not only will it show you how risky 100’s of activities are, it will also show you the rewards and benefits that you’re gaining from them everyday.


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