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Origin Story: “Live Safe, But Live”


“If we didn’t take risks, life would be boring. Somebody’s got a car in their garage that they’re restoring. Somebody makes the best quilts in the entire province or state or country. Everybody’s got something that switches them on and it’s a risk. Maybe they’ll get ridiculed because their quilt’s not cool enough, whatever. It’s risk, but they take it. And I think that’s beautiful. That’s the best of the human condition.”

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Dealing with Risk is dealing with Consequences

Dealing with risk is dealing with consequences. Anything can go wrong at anytime. Of course, we can’t live our lives in fear of something going wrong 24/7.  This is why we suggest that everyone look at each situation objectively, considering the facts.

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Athletics / Extreme Sports: What's your appetite for Risk in Sports

Everyone has different levels of risk that they are willing to take in their everyday lives. Let's face it, some people enjoy while others are just as happy keeping life relatively risk-free.

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Why don't we all agree about the risks of global warming? Are some people just stupid?

Cultural Cognition. This theory contends that our ideas (cognition) are determined by the beliefs of the cultural group we’re in. To (over)simplify, we tend to hold the beliefs and identity of our tribe.

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The Positive Power of Negative Thinking with Will Gadd

There may be a positive power in negative thinking. We caught up with Canadian outdoor adventurer and ice climber, Will Gadd, during the production of the Risk Factor documentary

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A forward thinking panel of scientists and communication experts explore the challenges, techniques and tools for distilling complex science into relatable messages for both the media and the general public.

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